Lending: All Information Centre material, with the exception of Reference material is available for loan to delegates during their stay at the College. Category 1 responders may also borrow to take away from the College, with the exception of DVDs (where there are stricter copyright restrictions), emergency plans and certain other documents.

Loan Period: Borrowers can have up to five items on loan at any one time. The usual loan period is four weeks, although this may be reduced if the book is in demand. Please let reception know which books you are borrowing if you are taking them off-site.

Renewing: At the end of the loan period items can be renewed for a further four weeks, provided that no-one else has requested them.

Returning: Loans can be requested and returned by post, but the material must be returned in a padded envelope which is well secured. Ordinary envelopes do not provide adequate protection for library materials.

Care of Books: Do not mark or write in the material. If materials are lost or damaged during loan or return the borrower will either be expected to provide a replacement, or will be invoiced for the cost of replacement.

Last modified: Tuesday, 17 April 2018, 4:38 PM